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There are too many real life stories to list of people trusting their money to fund or account managers and losing big time, and we mean blown accounts, life savings, 100s to millions of dollars lost all because the trader/investor couldn’t be bothered learning how to trade for themselves or at the very least learning how to trade correctly and having the knowledge to assess their account manager and the trades they have been making with their money. You NEED to know how to make money trading before you consider trusting anyone else with your money. You need to know how your money and account manager should be performing and if you should be happy with their results or if you should be firing them to cut your loses.

In business, you never invest into something you don’t know about first and the same goes for trading. You don’t trade without knowing how or you’re just throwing your money away and you don’t entrust your money to someone unless you know how they are using it.

If you want to know how to trade for yourself, then you need the right information.

As a beginner trader you need a solid foundation. You can download all of our free content HERE to get you started.

If you’re a more advanced trader or you’ve read our free stuff then the PFG Mentorship Programme is for you. You can enquire about it HERE.

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