Change your Nature


Change your nature. Itʼs human nature to want more. And in most cases thatʼs fine and that is the goal.

However when it comes to trading, you need a lot of self control. You will more than likely over trade and if youʼre not already doing it there will be a time where the £££ in your eyes will take over and convince you that you know what youʼre doing and youʼre in control. As long as youʼre following a structured plan that sure you might be in control and have properly planned your account scaling. But for most that isnʼt the case, you will have tricked yourself into over trading and adding risk your your trades and account. Itʼs so easy to do. And if you do it, the sooner you realize and correct it the better. Over trading and false security is the fastest way to wipe your account clean. And once you start the flow of losses, the gambler comes out and tries to win it all back.

Again if you see this happening or coming, shut it down ASAP! Stick you your plan, Trading schedule and personal wealth statement if you have one even through the losses. Itʼs the only sure way to get yourself and your trading back on track and stay on track. More is great and again, thatʼs the whole point of trading, to have more money, freedom, lifestyle etc. just keep it in control before you lose control.

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