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How To Find Passive Real Estate Investment Opportunities

How To Evaluate a Sponsor

How To Measure Real Estate Investment Returns

How To Find Deals That Fit Your Personal Investment Goals

How To Analyze Passive Real Estate Deals

How To Determine Value-Add Upside

Real Estate Investment Financial Analysis For Passive Investors

Passive Real Estate Fee Structures

What To Expect During Deal Funding & Post-Close

Live Market Updates and Support



Property investment is energising, worthwhile and can be groundbreaking; it is additionally tricksy, quick moving, brimming with difficulties and intense to ace. But with our property course, prepare to take in about property present moment and long-haul speculations, through our online course videos. You will be given the diagrams you have to fabricate your speculation property portfolio. Learn at your very own pace. Clear goals are absolutely fundamental to property investment success: without them, any other amount of knowledge won’t get you to where you need to be. We are offering this course to give our clients a clear pathway to follow when making investment in property. Along with the course videos you also get live support where you can ask experts anything about the property market. You also get added into a live property markets update group where news about the property market is sent daily so you know everything that is going on in the real estate market!


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